Abba is Back After 40 Years of Hiatus

One of the most iconic group in  pop culture is back with their first studio album in forty years and one of a kind digital tour. The Swedish group announced that they will release new music since the early 1980s when the band disbanded.

The ABBA fans are super hyped up after the announcement as the fans believe that they and the band will once again be having time of their life with some new music. Nearly half a decade later, the Abba fans will be dancing again like dancing queens, see what I did there? Nothing describes the 1970s as Abba but now the band is in their 70s themselves. In a live stream event the fans got a little bit taste of the new album. It’s perky, less melo but still true to ABBA. In an interview in London the two “B”s of Abba says about the new album that they want to do it before they are dead in a joking manner. On talking about how the concept of the album came into their minds came the other member said “At first it was just two songs, and then we said, ‘Well, maybe we should do a few others,'” said Benny Andersson.

Abba is asking fans to take chance with tour too which will be in London, a never seen before digital concert. You can take a look of it down below. The band will drop the new album titled ”Voyage” on November fifth which will be a follow up to their 1981 album, ”The Visitors”.

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There are going to be 10 new tracks on the album and as part of the come back tour the group will together but not as they are today.

They all will be 3D figures of the group as they were in the 1970s with digital tecnhnology. On May 27, 2022, a custom-built musical arena in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London will premiere digital versions — or “ABBA-tars” — of the group’s four members with a live 10-piece band. The concert will feature motion capture technology developed by Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects studio behind Star Wars.


Reuniting to create their new music brought back lovely memories, according to Andersson. Both he and Ulvaeus expressed regret that Fältskog and Lyngstad were unable to attend the announcement on Thursday. After so many years, Gary Collins of the Official International ABBA Fan Club believes it was the band’s chemistry that prompted them to reconnect, produce new music, and go “on tour.” “I think they realized how much they missed each other,” he added in the interview.

The new Abba album will drop on November 5 and the ticket for the digital tour will go on sale September 7th.

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