A monitor not for ordinary gamers. Acer Nitro XV252QF – review

I have been using the Samsung Space Monitor for several years and so far I am not going to replace it with anything else. It has 27 inches, a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and a refresh rate of 144 Hz. What happens when a monitor with 390 Hz refresh appears? It turned out that with me nothing, but players who in Minecraft can do something more than just digging, and in CS they win every round with their buddies, in addition on a mouse with a ball, would give their entire pocket money for this monitor. We are talking about the Acer Nitro XV252QF.

Everyone can see what the Acer Nitro XV252QF is like

I can fly a classic straight away, that is, everyone can see what it is like. And it fits perfectly with this model, because the Acer Nitro does not stand out with anything special. As we look at it, it certainly would never have crossed our mind that you have to spend over two thousand zlotys on it. That’s true, let’s call them here, somehow record achievements, have been hidden in a very classic, even non-gaming casing. We have plastic that somehow does not sin in quality and we have a construction that holds the matrix in front of us, but just a nudge can rock it a bit. It all stands on a metal and narrow leg, so that’s probably why it is so. But seriously, the material from which the monitor housing was made should be better, because in this case it does not go hand in hand with the high price. The base is round and rotating, but an interesting mic is used here, except that only its lower part rotates. This makes it easier to rotate the monitor and gives the effect as if the monitor was a few millimeters above the table during rotation.Acer Nitro XV252QF There are no quirks, embossing or colored LEDs, which would immediately say that this is gaming equipment. Yes, it is gaming and very much, but it respects the fact that it does not reveal it immediately, illuminating the entire room with an RGB palette. But on the other hand, it doesn’t stand out too much, and by looking at the Acer website, you can find at least a few monitors that look alike. I am happy that the monitor has a flat screen, it has a matte matrix, and the frame (such as at the bottom where the logo is) has not been pulled around the screen.The monitor can be adjusted in several planes and there is even a pivot function, i.e. screen rotation by 90 degrees. I did not think that there would be something like this in a gaming monitor, because it is rather associated with data analysis or Excel spreadsheets. The monitor can be adjusted in height, set the angle of tilt and rotation, and if necessary, even hang it, because there is support for VESA 100 × 100. From the desk to the bottom of the screen, the lowest position is about 6.7 cm, and the highest one is about 18.2 cm.

Acer Nitro XV252QF has a 24.5-inch screen diagonal, an IPS LED matrix and Full HD resolution

The above parameters look like in the first better monitor for a few hundred dollars, which can be found on the shelves in an electromarket. And I think that if it wasn’t for the 390 Hz that appears everywhere, it would have cost just that much. Well, maybe a little more, but it would be a three-digit amount. The manufacturer states that the reproduction of the sRGB color palette reaches 99%, and the response time is 1 ms, in gusts up to half a millisecond. The brightness is supposedly 400 cd / m2, but I respect the most for the support for Display HDR 400 and the blue light filter.

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What have I noticed?

Okay, I didn’t have any specialized measurement equipment other than my own eyes, so you must be satisfied with my opinion based on what I noticed. The second thing is hardware. You need a really efficient unit to generate 390 Hz at all. And actually 360 Hz, which is a bit boosted. I have always known that the graphics card must be strong enough to run the game at this or similar number of frames. To achieve this level, the image has to be refreshed 390 times in one second.Acer Nitro XV252QFI connected the monitor to the stationary device with an HDMI cable (there are two HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.4), where in the middle sits (in the stationary, not in the cable) GeForce RTX 2060 Super. To complement it, there was also an Intel Core i5-10400F processor, 16 GB RAM and an SSD drive. I immediately checked what the highest refresh rate I can set in the system and it was 240 Hz. Let me remind you that I have a 144 Hz monitor every day. And what? I stared for a long time and honestly couldn’t see the difference. Well, maybe it was slightly smoother, but it’s nothing spectacular enough to get up and start clapping. In games, it was hard for me to even get close to half of what this monitor can, but as I checked, in some reviews the maximum refresh rate was shown on the example of CS: GO. Yes, you are naked. In a game that turned 10 in August 2022. I have never understood this phenomenon in the pursuit of fps and assembling a PC, only to have 328 instead of 300 frames in the mentioned shooter (at least the cult one) instead of 300 frames.But don’t get me wrong. I greatly appreciate the achievements of engineers and the fact that they want to be the first in something. Even with lower frames per second in the game you could see the difference. The motion picture was extremely sharp. I know that the monitor can do more than what it did for me, but once that you need to have a “monster” under the desk for this, and two … for what? As for me, you can see a much bigger difference by jumping from 60 Hz to 144 Hz than from 144 Hz to 240 or higher. And for me, the above doesn’t make sense anymore and it’s just a race for numbers. As is the case with megapixels in smartphones, I could not complain about the quality of the matrix itself, although I would not describe it as the best IPS I have ever seen. But yes, the colors were more than satisfactory for IPS and the viewing angles were sufficient. The more that it’s a monitor, so nobody will look at it from the side, unless it’s not playing.The great thing is that the power supply is already built into the monitor and all you need is a Schuco – C13 cable to connect the monitor to the power supply. All ports are at the bottom of the monitor and I will add an audio output to the aforementioned ones. On the back, in turn, they placed physical buttons with a “dynx” to control. And as I wrote it once during the review of the Iiyama G-Master G2770HSU-B1, it is a poor solution for me. You have to use them in the dark and learn what and what button does. It would be better to put them on the bottom bezel, from the bottom. Anything else? Yes, cable holders. It would be nice to let them go somewhere and attach them so that they do not stick out from behind an already thin leg.

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It is not a monitor for me

After a few moments with the Acer Nitro XV252QF, I know that I am not a target for him at all. I do not need such an exorbitant refreshment, and in my daily work (well, work) I appreciate the higher resolution and image quality more. Recently, I work more on the computer than play it. Acer Nitro XV252QF is definitely equipment for someone who knows that they will use its full potential. For someone who may be a professional gamer and has a complex PC for a veteran’s annual retirement. For someone who is already so skilled in combat that he is able not to blink to see things that ordinary players do not understand. Yes, in this way I drove a bit myself in my review. But yes, if you’re a casual gamer, take half that price and buy a monitor with a refresh rate around 144Hz. Especially if you have played on the sixty so far. Acer has them too.

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