A mayor close to Cristina Kirchner proposed expropriating soy production to “deepen” the model

As the government seeks to increase the foreign exchange earnings from exportsthe different sectors of the Front of All discuss perspectives to face the lack of dollars. In this sense, the mayor of Pehuajó, closely linked to Cristina Kirchnerdemanded to deepen the model and launched a controversial measure: “expropriate” soybean production.“We have to talk about an economic emergency. We have to start talking not about expropriating a field, but something that is renewable like soybeans. We have to deepen a model, “said the community chief Pablo Zurro in statements to El Destape Radio.Cristina Kirchner met with Pablo Zurro weeks ago. Zurro’s statement takes place in the same week in which the Central Bank announced the implementation of a so-called “soybean dollar” to favor the liquidation of the harvest before August 31. Through this measure, the BCRA expects to capture $2.5 billionas acknowledged by its owner, Miguel Pesce. Zurro questioned this Friday the measure of incentives to producers and considered that the State “has to have real power.” “When you have things resolved, you have to move forward”, he wielded and assured that progress should be made in policies of “redistribution of wealth”. “The spill is disgusting,” he said. This is not the first statement by the Pehuajó community chief regarding soy that generates controversy. Three days ago, he had already raised the possibility that Alberto Fernández signs a decree of necessity and urgency to “force” the producers to liquidate the harvest. The leader had asked the Casa Rosada to take measures “with more courage.” “They are hesitating to liquidate or not liquidate the soy and It seems to me that some Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) would have to be issued to force them to liquidate soy because the country is in a very complex moment and if at that very complex moment those who have the most do not want to put anything, it seems to me that we are wrong”, he had told FM La Patriada. The Pehuajó community chief met with Cristina Kirchner at the end of June in one of the Senate offices. In that meeting, according to reports, the mayor brought him the proposal of transfer control of social plans from social movements to the mayorsa proposal that the vice president strongly promotes.Pablo Javier Zurro declared himself "fan" by Cristina Kirchner.Pablo Javier Zurro declared himself a “fan” of Cristina Kirchner. Archive “With Pablo Zurro, Mayor of Pehuajó, who approached me with a proposal to transform the social plans that exist in that city into work. He told me that he also sent it to the Nation’s Minister of Social Development,” Cristina Kirchner reported on June 23. The move created a strong internal debate in the ruling party and had repercussions in protests on public roads. “With this unemployment there should be fewer plans”, Cristina Kirchner had affirmed weeks before during an act in Avellaneda organized by the CTA. The former president then emphasized the program Boost Work, which receives 1.2 million people throughout the country, mostly through picketing groups. Zurro, who declares himself a “fan” of Cristina Kirchner, had branded Alberto Fernández a “machirulo” for refusing to consult the current head of the Senate. “I believe that when Alberto listens to Cristina we will take another imprint because Cristina is the reassurance that the national and popular governments meet the expectations that we had.”, he assured.

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