A deputy from the Front of All was arrested in Recoleta: the police say he hit a uniformed man

The deputy of the Front of All Adrian Grana He was arrested in the framework of the wave of cacerolazos that occurred outside the house of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in the Recoleta neighborhood and after learning of the prosecutor Diego Luciani’s request for 12 years in prison for the vice president. Throughout the night, detractors and critics of Kirchner clashed with the pro-government militancy that arrived shortly after as a sign of support for the former president. It was when the disturbances between the two sides began that Grana hit a city agent -as confirmed by a Police source to LA NACION- and, consequently, He was arrested. The moment of his arrest was recorded and disclosed by La Cámpora through social networks. The FdT legislator was released a few after the altercation with an agent of the security forces. In this regard, his official counterpart Juliana Di Tullio spoke through the social network Twitter: “The Head of Government of the City took @Adrian_Grana prisoner of the @FrenteDeTodos of the Province of Buenos Aires from the door of the vice president’s house? The level of delirium of the mayor of CABA is brutal”.News in development

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