5 Reflections after the holidays, what grade do you give them?

Vacations are a necessary time to unwind and relax. They represent a time to let go of certain tasks and obligations and attend to one’s own needs with total freedom, without being aware of the clock and deadlines. Throughout this period, you can relax some habits and listen to what the body and mind naturally ask for. But, in addition, it is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, consider changes before returning to the routine and discover dreams that remain buried under stress and daily duties. Today we propose 5 reflections after the holidays that you can do before returning to the routine. Do you dare? Devoting time to some reflections after the holidays will help us take a firm step back to the routine, revealing a part of our most authentic essence and knowing what changes we need to make to feel more satisfied and excited. We all want vacations, as they mean extra enjoyment and relaxation, however, needing them feeling that if they don’t arrive, we are going to explode… it shouldn’t be normal. Are you so annoyed in your day to day life? Well, in that case, it’s time to change it. The same thing happens with the return to routine after the holidays. Of course it costs, we must activate all the alarms again and recover certain habits that had been weakened. Nevertheless, this return is natural, organic and the adaptation time is relatively short. Do you think it is appropriate to face the return to normality with regret, sadness and stress? It shouldn’t be! What do you think? You feel identified?

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5 Reflections after the holidays

How much did you want the holidays and why?

As we have told you before, in general, anyone wants their vacations to arrive. Nevertheless, need them urgently because the head is going to explode should not be the usual And it’s more common than we think. Stress in everyday life has many negative consequences for health, both physically and mentally. There are many symptoms associated with a high state of prolonged stress: headache, chest discomfort, dizziness, and a long etcetera. If you feel identified, It’s time to lower the demands. It is one thing to give oneself to work and another to compromise health, which is the most valuable thing we have.

How did I face the end of the holidays?

Along the same lines as the previous point, we can identify a great dissatisfaction in our routine when the time to return to normality is very uphill and feelings of sadness, tiredness, heaviness, stress… Of course, saying goodbye to vacations may require some adaptation time, but it should also give rise to the desire for a new beginning, motivation and professional and personal goals and renewal. Having a healthy lifestyle involves eating properly, exercising regularly, resting well and building an authentic and pleasant personal and professional life; without ignoring responsibilities and obligations, but with a good attitude.

Have I been able to disconnect while I’ve been away?

Learning to disconnect when we are on vacation is essential to connect with ourselves and renew our energies. There are those, however, who can’t stop thinking about what’s going on at work, checking the mail, feeling remorse if they fail in some habit, etc. Reduce self-demand learn to delegate and enjoy the rest time, so important to preserve health and quality of life.

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Do I feel satisfied and fulfilled?

After the reflections after the aforementioned holidays, It’s time to determine if you feel satisfied and fulfilled with your usual routine, both professionally and personally. Perhaps you can set new resolutions, adopt changes, define objectives and establish guidelines to turn your dreams into the reality you want. Grab a pen and paper and draw up your new action plan!

Do I have time to enjoy in my day to day?

Do not forget that in the same way that children play and have fun, we adults need to feel alive. Recover the hobbies that you enjoy and are passionate about, keep in touch with your loved ones, integrate leisure plans as part of a healthy lifestyle, live with flexibility, enjoy successes and learn from failures, embrace your strengths and weaknesses . Be you, reach your best version. At Vikika Team we have nutrition and/or training plans ideal to define a healthy routine and live a transformation that goes beyond the physical. You can also count on our psychology service, made up of professionals who will help you move forward, freeing you from barriers and brakes. What are you waiting for? Get back to the routine in style!

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