4 mobility exercises to do before training

It is possible that many people are aware of the need to warm up before training, and yet they do not know very well how to do it. In this way, they imitate what they see in the environment and it is not effective for them, since they do not have activation awareness or really attend to the sensations of their own body. Today We propose 4 mobility exercises to do before training. These will help you prepare your body for activity and connect you with it, for greater awareness and deeper, more efficient training, with corresponding results!Warming up before intense activity is a way to introduce your body and mind to exercise, to adapt to the change in intensity from rest to effort. In this way, greater comfort, performance and safety are achieved, since we reduce the risk of injuring ourselves when pre-conditioning. Mobility exercises will fine-tune your muscles and joints, making them warm and comfortable. more flexible and elastic. Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to go directly to strength exercises and you have noticed that your body did not give of itself, that it was rigid and limited. Therefore, improving performance goes through a moment of connection, activation and mobility. But with full awareness and concentration! If you do it like this, you will notice the difference…

Mobility exercises to do before training


It is not necessary that you squat too deep, nor with weight, resistance, jumps or other variants that give them intensity. It will suffice to do light classic squatsto mobilize the hips and prepare them for action.

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jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks are jumping exercises that consist of open and close the legs at the same time that we open and close the arms.From a standing position with your feet together and your arms close to your body, jump by opening your legs and bringing your arms out over your head until you clap your hands. You will land on both feet apart and palms together. It is time to jump back up and return to the starting position. Repeat several times. In addition to warming up the muscles, you will accelerate your heart rate.

Buenos dias

An ideal and very complete exercise for become aware of the body and warm up the posterior chain.From a standing position, with your feet hip-width apart and your arms akimbo, lengthen your spine as if you were being pulled toward the ceiling by a string. Grow. Flex your hips by slowly bringing your long back forward, as if you were waving. It is not necessary that you go down too much, it will be enough to feel the activation. The knees are slightly bent. You must look for the intention to expand the chest and, to achieve this, try to rotate the shoulders backwards, as if you wanted to bring the scapulae together. Slowly return to the initial position and repeat.

joint rotation

Perform rotational movements with mindfulness and all your senses focused on the area of ​​the body that is doing the work.It’s as simple as drawing big arm circlesbringing them forward for a few seconds and then back. Do several wide circles with your hip, with your arms akimbo, alternately in both directions. Do the same with your knees togetherputting your hands on them and tracing small circles to one side and the other. with left and right ankle, supporting only the toes. Take your right ear towards the same shoulder, direct it forward as if you wanted to bring your chin to your chest and finish the circle towards the left side. Repeat changing direction. mobility exercises they optimize body posture, help us control and better connect with our body, prevent injuries and increase flexibility, among other contributions. Don’t overlook them and keep discovering everything you can give.

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