365 Days 2: Release Date & What To Expect On Screen

365 Days 2

Given the ending, many expect there to be a sequel as well. If you wonder if 365 Days 2 is done, know that the film will have two sequels. The confirmation came directly from Michele Morrone, who announced that he would return to play the role of Massimo. However, given the Coronavirus emergency, the filming of the second part was stalled.

365 Days 2: When Will It Release?

Although we do not have concrete advances, we can assume that we will see Massimo and Laura again in mid-2022. The film is based on a novel by Blanka Lipinska, who wrote two other books based on the characters we are now fond of.

But let’s refresh our memory a little concerning the plot of 365 DNI, a film currently available for viewing and achieving success globally.

The protagonists are Massimo Torricelli ( Michele Morrone ) and Laura Biel ( Anna Maria Sieklucka ). She lives a relationship that no longer satisfies her, and Massimo, a Sicilian mafia boss, kidnaps her during one of his travels. So he has a year to make her fall in love with him.

But How Does 365 Days End? 

Laura cannot tell Massimo she is pregnant, and he learns that his woman’s life is in danger. In the finale, it is suggested that Laura may be dead.

365 Days 2: Book And Plot

In the novel titled Ten Dzien, we discover something more about the story and its sequel. Laura is alive but has not precisely idyllic relations with Massimo’s rival criminal organization. Here’s what this book is about :

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“The Sicilian life of Laura Biel begins to resemble a fairy tale. There is a noisy wedding, a husband who will give everything for her, a pregnancy, gifts and an unimaginable luxury.”

So there seems to be a happy ending for Massimo and Laura, but things may not be just plain roses in 365 Days 2.

“Everything would be perfect, but for the fact that crime is in the air, someone is constantly trying to kidnap and kill her, and her best friend Olga blindly follows in her footsteps. Being the wife of the most dangerous man in Sicily has consequences, and Laura will painfully discover it.”

A rival boss kidnaps Laura, and she could also have Stockholm Syndrome against her, falling in love with her. In addition, a twin of Massimo’s from England could arrive, giving Michele Morrone’s fans a double role in the sequel. 

We do not know if the third book will be “used” for the plot of 365 Days 2. It is set a few months from the previous one.

In short, history is already written for a possible 365 Days 2.

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