365 Days 2: 365 Days Until The Release!

365 days 2

In 2020, the first chapter of an erotic thriller took place, which caused a storm of emotions among the Netflix stream platform users. Some viewers accused the authors of the project of promoting violence. Others considered the presented work a somewhat non-standard story. However, the adaptation of Blanca Lipinski’sLipinski’s first novel did not leave anyone indifferent. 

The Polish-made erotic thriller became one of the nominees for the Golden Raspberry, winning in the Worst Scenario category. In addition, most viewers dubbed the film a copy of “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Despite the outrage of critics, the makers have already informed the fans about 365 Days 2.

365 Days 2: Release Date?

The sequel to the frank thriller that blew the imagination of Netflix users was expected by many. Finally, fans of daring and daring projects will see the sequel. The official release date of 365 Days 2 is scheduled for November 26, 2022. It is known that work on the sequel to the film began in May 2021. But this is not all the news for today, as another sequel awaits the audience. The authors decided not to deviate from the course the writer Blanca Lipinski outlined and to stage the entire trilogy.

365 Days: Details About The Plot?

Tomas Mandes and Barbara Bialovas decided to tackle such a scandalous story. In the second film, they will return to their directing duties, as today we know when the film will be released 365 days 2. But what to expect from the upcoming plot? Those who have read the writer’s trilogy know the answer to the main question. For the rest of the audience, the ending of the story will remain a mystery.

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The Sicilian mafia boss, Massimo, kidnaps Laura, with whom he has been in love for quite some time. He gives a year for the girl to reciprocate. Laura becomes a hostage of a daring mafia boss. But the more time the main character spends with her “overseer”, the more her attitude towards Massimo changes.

No sooner had the picture appeared on the screens than it was immediately compared to another bold project, Fifty Shades of Gray. However, fans of Anastacia Steele and Christian Gray immediately stated that in the film adaptation of E.L. James, the protagonist did not deprive the girl of choice. In the 2020 thriller, the relationship of the critical characters looks different. The writer Lipinski promises the audience an “even hotter” project. In short, in the second film, viewers can expect an intricate love triangle.


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