See the 10 cybersecurity trends for 2022

The pandemic popularized the hybrid working model in 2021. At the same time, the vulnerabilities associated with this option have increased ransomware cases. For 2022, the scenario is even more challenging for the cybersecurity of companies of all sizes and sectors.

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A survey by Lumu Technologies, which specializes in monitoring threats in real time, with leading cybersecurity executives in Latin America shows 10 forecasts for the region this year. “Organizations of all sizes and verticals need effective tools to know the real situation of their cybersecurity”, says Ricardo Villadiego, CEO and founder of Lumu Technologies.

Ransomware cases have increased in 2021 (Image: Playback/Pixabay/Katie White)

According to him, in this new reality, companies are more exposed to cyberattacks. “You need to consciously and continuously assess the threat to determine when and how systems communicate with a malicious infrastructure,” he explains. See the predictions below!

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1 – Companies must leave the SIEM

The Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) has been a part of cybersecurity for over two decades. With new technologies, professionals will begin to wonder if it should continue to be the main part of operations.

2 – Hybrid work is a challenge

Remote working requires extensive, dynamic threat monitoring, as well as the use of more tools—which represent more vulnerabilities. Risk visibility will then be needed more than ever.

3 – Talent war is near

Companies will compete for specialized cybersecurity talent. Tools that make security teams more efficient can help companies deal with this.

Companies will compete for talent (Image: Playback/Envato/Rawpixel)

4 – Adoption of automated systems

Automating routine cybersecurity tasks is an efficient way to detect and contain them. Integrated tools and coordination between people and technology will be increasingly important for companies of various sizes.

5 – Need for cyber insurance

With organizations increasingly interested in taking out cyber insurance, insurers must impose stricter coverage conditions. Companies will need to demonstrate a robust cybersecurity approach to avoid high prices.

6 – Crime will form new alliances

Criminals will increasingly seek partnerships with those who can facilitate access to the network. Employee participation is expected to increase as the scammers agree to share in the profits.

7 – Ransomware attacks

Data hijacking should now be targeted at smaller targets, such as desktops. Requested payments will be lower, but the scale tends to increase. With more early access availability, malware-as-a-service and ransomware chains will bring more interest to cybercrime.

8 – Sneak Attacks

Criminals will secretly infiltrate in search of ransom (Image: Reproduction/Elements/twenty20photos)

After high-profile attacks in 2021, gangs specializing in data hijacking, such as Darkside and Revil, disappeared. This is because the response of government agencies has intensified. Many attacks will exploit the zero-day flaw for criminals to secretly infiltrate for ransom.

9 – Supply chains and internal personnel are the weakest links

Supply chains are not very resilient. This ensures that criminals have access to a large number of victims and can bypass the companies' defenses.

10 – Visibility will be key

As cybersecurity systems evolve, network visibility becomes crucial. This will help you detect vulnerabilities quickly as well as gain the information you need to eradicate threats with speed and accuracy.

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