12-Year-old Benyamin Ahmed makes $400,000 selling ‘Weird Whales’ NFTs

Today from the tech world we have an inspiring story of a London based 12 year old kid, I mean, web developer who made a fortune of $400,000 just by selling NFTs online.

Benyamin Ahmed is just like every other 12 year old kid who loves whales, swimming and taekwondo but what makes him different from other 12 year old kids out there is his love for coding. He was just 5 years old when he started coding. His source of inspiration or we should say motivation? is father who himself is a web developer.

Now, he sold Weird Whales, a collection of digital art he developed, as non-fungible tokens in July. He’s already amassed a fortune of $400,000 as of now as projected by the expert. Ahmed was very little when started taking HTML and CSS lessons eventually advancing to other programming languages. It was this year that NFTs and smart contacts that supports them grabbed the 12 year old Benyamin’s attention.

Benyamin’s very first NFT collection, which he released earlier this summer, features 40 bright, pixelized avatars that he claims to design and developed himself was called Minecraft Yee Haa. The project didn’t sold out immediately but the kid says it was fine for him as he saw it as a learning opportunity rather than a way to make quick money.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Benyamin Ahmed, the 12 year old developer says it costed him $300 for his recent project called “Weird Whales” that rose him to fame and fortune which was basically to pay the gas fees. Well, not bad for a project with little to no investment when compared to the huge returns in the form of fortune.

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FYI: Gas fees are a kind of fee required to successfully conduct a transaction on Ethereum.

He learned how to code the collection via online tutorials and instructors he met through Discord communities. Ahmed received a script from one of the developers of another NFT project, Boring Bananas, to use as a template for creating Weird Whales his father Imran tells the reporters.

When Benyamin launched his “Weird Whale” collection back in July, his entire collection sold out just in 9 hours and he made 80 ethers, i.e., $225,000 in just one day of releasing his collection. Since Benyamin being a 12 year old, none of  his parents nor him saw such a big sum of profit coming their way at such a young age so he doesn’t have a bank account.


As he does not have a bank account he holds all his profits in the form of ether. Later from the resale market he earned 30 ether of worth $95,000 as per the current value as he earns 2.5% revenue on each secondary sale. He tells CNBC that he is currently working on another NFT project and believes that many more successful NFT collections will include a meme component in the future.