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10 foods your cat can’t eat

Cats are, after dogs, the most common pets in Spanish society. In many homes, felines they are one of the family, and for this reason they are frequent doubts and precautions when it comes to taking care of your health. In this sense, special care should be taken with the food we provide to cats. While there are certain specific foods for your diet (feed, wet food…), on many occasions we are tempted to share our own food with them. However, sometimes it is convenient to resist their pleading looks and think twice about what is convenient for them to eat and what can be harmful to them. We review the top 10 foods you should avoid sharing with your cat if you want them to your health remains optimal.


Sugar is harmful to the health of cats. It is convenient to keep away from your reach any type of industrial bakery, since its intake can cause serious problems, since your body does not tolerate it properly. Similarly, we must be careful with biscuits. And of course, none of trinkets. The proper thing is to keep all this out of reach. It is convenient to prevent the access of cats to sweets. Shutterstock


Cereals are not bad per se, but they must be eaten in the right amount so that they do not cause gastric or digestive problems. The main risk is in their own regular feed, since some of the most common commercial brands have a composition that is not very good for them and that can cause them discomfort. Also be careful with the bread.

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Eat Orange or lemon (either the food itself or its juice) can cause stomach problems for cats, gastric discomfort and complicated digestion. the lofty acidity of these foods does not play in your favor.


Both grapes like the raisins can cause kidney failure to felines as they are toxic to their body. Logically, eating a loose grape will hardly harm them. However, quantities that are not excessively large are likely to generate health problems that are difficult to solve. The intake of grapes is harmful to cats. Shutterstock


It seems obvious, but not everyone is clear about it. Alcohol intake is hugely detrimental to most animals, and cats are no exception. Any alcoholic beverage can generate intoxications to the felines, and even the death.


Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which is not adequately eliminated by cats and other animals, such as dogs, as their metabolism lacks the capacity to do so. Due to this, it accumulates in the blood, generating a significant amount of toxins that can be lethal. Cats should not eat chocolate. Shutterstock

Coffee / Tea

Similar to chocolate, both coffee and tea contain theobromine, so its intake can cause dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, ulcersor even convulsions by affecting the nervous system in a life-threatening way.


The food itself is not necessarily harmful, but for its intake to be adequate must be cooked (and always in small quantities), since if it is eaten raw it can expose the feline to salmonella and other parasites.

Onion / Garlic / Leek

Onions, chives, garlic and leeks contain thiosulfatea substance that in significant amounts causes cats hemolytic anemia, or what is the same the destruction of red blood cells. If they ingest it in small quantities, it is normal that nothing happens. However, if you can, it’s best to avoid it.

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certain plants

The poinsettia, the oleander and the lily of the valley they are some of the most toxic plants for cats. Before putting any type of plant decoration within your reach, it is always better to find out about its possible effects on felines if ingested.

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